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Our vision is a country where communities have affordable transport that improves quality of life and protects the environment.
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Photo: Martin Abrams on BBC NewsFor 40 years, working with hundreds of thousands of inspiring people, Campaign for Better Transport has fought for better public transport, walking and cycling, for the sake of communities and the environment.

An independent charity, we work by providing well-researched, practical solutions to transport problems, pressuring national and local government to adopt them, and empowering ordinary people up and down the country.

"Being part of the brilliant Save our Buses national campaign has really helped our credibility locally and saved two bus routes from being cut" - local bus campaigner Victoria Harvey

We have had many successes. In recent decades we've helped to change the Government's transport policy radically, away from building big roads and expanding airports and towards much more recognition of environmental and social impacts. Just in the last few years we have:
Photo: anti-roads protesters

  • Forced the Government to stop its planned RPI+3% rail fare rises
  • Won a New Station Fund worth £20m to create new stations for communities not currently on the rail network
  • Helped save 131 million miles of bus routes
  • Got air passenger duty applied to prive business jets
  • Kept pressure on the Government to stop unnecessary road building plans

But of course there is much still to be done. Carbon emissions from transport are still rising, many people still find it difficult to get around without a car, and rising rail fares, cuts in bus services and a deregulated planning system won't make this any better.

"As always we will be putting pressure on the Government to put sustainability at the heart of its transport policy. I hope you'll join us in doing this" - Stephen Joseph OBE, Campaign for Better Transport CEO

Find out about our membership of the Fundraising Standards BoardIf you care about communities, transport and the environment, why not join the campaign? You could start by signing up to our monthly e-bulletin, taking one of our quick actions or making a donation.

Hot campaign: Roads to Nowhere
roads_report_thumb_nov12.pngWe know that new roads don’t solve people’s transport problems. Instead, road-building generates even more traffic, damages the countryside, adds to climate change and makes cities, towns and villages less pleasant places to live for everyone. Hundreds of miles of new roads, costing billions of pounds, are being planned across the country by central government, local councils and new bodies like ‘Local Enterprise Partnerships’ who – wrongly – believe that a bypass or ring road in their town is the answer to high levels of traffic. 

How we are run

Photo: Michael Palin signs our petition for Fair Fares NowCampaign for Better Transport Charitable Trust is a registered charity (1101929) and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (4943428).

Chair: Mark Walker; Treasurer: David Pemberton; Trustees: Janet Birch, John Ellis, Eric Galvin, Alastair Hanton, Ceri Margerison, Ruth Chambers, Sue Fletcher and John Stewart.

Michael Palin is our president. Jenny Agutter and Steve Norris are our patrons.

"The need for effective alternatives to the car has never been more urgent. You can play your part by supporting Campaign for Better Transport" - Michael Palin

Hot campaign: Fair Fares Now
Fair Fares Now protest
When massive train fare increases were announced, we attacked with all of the weapons in the modern campaigner's arsenal. Employing Facebook and Twitter, e-petitions and mass protests, we mobilised many thousands of angry passengers in a headline-grabbing campaign. Within months, the Government agreed to a full review of train fares.

Find out more about our work by downloading our annual review 2011-12

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Campaign for Better Transport Charitable Trust is a charity (1101929) and a company limited by guarantee (4943428)