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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • Photo: commuters at crowded station

    Rail fares have risen again - some commutes now cost 27p per minute.

    Join our Fair Fares Now campaign on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to our Fair Fares Now e-bulletin.

  • Photo: people at bus stop

    Does your MP really know what bus travel is like, and how important buses are?

    Invite your MP on a bus journey to find out - and persuade him or her to improve the Bus Services Bill along the way! Here's how.

  • Jenna says "Buses should be 100 times better"

    It's great to see buses moving up the political agenda, but the Bus Services Bill needs to be better.

    Please email your MP today.

  • Photo: protesters against third runway

    Just 15% of the UK population takes more than 70% of our flights. We think everyone should have one tax-free flight a year, with each additional flight being taxed at an increasing level. Best of all, this levy would make it unnecessary to build any new runways. 

    Please ask your MP to support this proposal.

  • Photo: boy on bike

    Brexit must not be used as an excuse to backtrack on climate, nature, air pollution or other EU environmental protections.

    Campaign for Better Transport is part of The Climate Coalition which has launched a Pledge for the Environment. Please ask your MP to sign.



Alice Ridley
03 Jan 2017

3 January 2017

Commuters returning to work today could find they are paying up to 27p per minute for their journey as rail fare rises come into effect.



It was billed as the great re-privatisation of the railways with the market ushered in to reign supreme over the tracks. But anyone hoping the Secretary of State was going to take a chainsaw to... Read more

Andrew Allen


Four people with matching white-blue T shirts stand with placards on a pavement
Lianna Etkind
09 Nov 2016

After a long-running campaign by the charity Guide Dogs, the Government have agreed to make all buses accessible to people with sight loss and... Read more



Bus users in Minehead and Porlock are horrified by plans to withdraw the No. 10 bus, the 101 and the 14, after they were deemed no longer viable. Naomi Marley, editor of Exmoor Magazine (... Read more


Bridget Fox
13 Jan 2017

Sadly, no.

The announcement of £1.2 billion in new funding for council road maintenance is very welcome: but it still remains a tiny... Read more



12 January 2017

Campaigners are calling for a fundamental rethink on the Government's plans for the A303 road at Stonehenge as it publishes a new consultation today... Read more

James MacColl

Better transport

Bridget Fox
10 Jan 2017

It’s a mixture of small changes and big picture thinking that will make a difference.

Traffic in our towns and cities is always a good... Read more

Better Transport


Despite the fact that it has been a challenging year for rail freight with the steep decline in coal traffic, the two key sectors acknowledged to have real potential - consumer and construction -... Read more

Philippa Edmunds

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