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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • Photo: demo for better transport

    Are you sick of traffic jams, overcrowded trains and delayed buses? Let's make things better!

    Thousands of people have signed up to receive our quick campaigning actions once a month - we'd love you to sign up too.

  • We're calling on Chancellor George Osborne to make sure the Northern Powerhouse doesn't get derailed.

    Join us and ask him to ensure rail improvements take priority over even more roads spending!

  • Passengers at station

    Who should run our rail services and what should be required of them?

    Our new Passenger's Guide to Franchising will empower you to influence the process.

  • We join HACAN, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace UK, A Free Ride, Aviation Environment Federation, Transition Heathrow, Stop Heathrow Expansion, AirportWatch

    As he broke up for his holidays, we packed David Cameron's suitcase with some essential summer reading... on the case against expanding Heathrow!

    Find out how we can do without a third runway.

  • Maps website screenshots

    How do you think traffic has changed in your area in recent years? What cuts have been made to your local buses? Explore the first two maps on our brand new site and find out.



Andrew Allen
07 Jul 2015

George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse is at risk of dereliction before it even gets started. Our Right Track North campaign is calling on the Chancellor to take urgent action in this week’s Budget and the upcoming Spending Review to make sure vital investments are made in the north of... Read more



8 July 2015
Campaigner for Better Transport has called for urgent action to stop the lights going out on the Northern Powerhouse after the Chancellor failed to support key... Read more

Richard Watkins


Martin Abrams
24 Jul 2015

This week we visited the beautiful Shropshire village of Ditton Priors. Sadly this village is really feeling the impacts of cuts to local bus... Read more



Today is a dark day for bus users in Hertfordshire. After almost a year of campaigning, 23,000 petition signatures, 6,500 consultation responses, multiple protests, street stalls, local meetings... Read more

Martin Abrams


Gabriel in the Hollington Valley
Sian Berry
23 Jun 2015

Local council backs out of a High Court case and agrees to cancel permission for the illegally polluting Queensway Gateway Road.



What exactly is wrong with this proposal? Tony Fairbairn is a local campaigner in Bexley and he has been looking at the scheme.

Steve Chambers

Better transport

Driver in car
Stephen Joseph OBE
09 Jul 2015

It must have seemed a good plan. Reform vehicle taxes so as to keep revenue coming in, and put that revenue (at least in England) into roads as a... Read more

Better Transport


Constant vigilance is needed in the campaign against mega trucks on all fronts, but especially in Europe. There are powerful business interests supporting the spread of these massive machines... Read more

Philippa Edmunds

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