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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • Photo montage of local transport groups

    Meet great people and improve transport in your area.

    Cycling groups... 20's Plenty groups... groups campaigning for rail lines to be reopened... and many more.

    Our map features around 200 local groups. Find one near you!

  • Family at bus stop in Gloucestershire

    £345 million may be cut from bus funding in the Government's upcoming spending review.

    Please write now and tell the Chancellor to protect the Bus Service Operators Grant.

  • With over 8 million people now working part-time, the need for part time and flexible season tickets is greater than ever.

    We’re calling on the Government and train companies to honour their promise to introduce affordable fares and ticketing for part time and flexible workers. Join us!

  • We join HACAN, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace UK, A Free Ride, Aviation Environment Federation, Transition Heathrow, Stop Heathrow Expansion, AirportWatch

    As he broke up for his holidays, we packed David Cameron's suitcase with some essential summer reading... on the case against expanding Heathrow!

    Find out how we can do without a third runway.

  • Maps website screenshots

    How do you think traffic has changed in your area in recent years? What cuts have been made to your local buses? Explore the first two maps on our brand new site and find out.



Photo: commuters
Martin Abrams
18 Aug 2015

Today we find out exactly how much train fares will increase in January next year. Over the course of the last Parliament regulated train fares, which include season tickets, increased by almost 25% whilst wages stagnated, increasing just 9% in the same time, meaning financial hardship for many... Read more



Cheaper, simpler, more flexible rail fairs are long overdue. But the latest review risks putting market ideology ahead of the interests of passengers.

Andrew Allen


Martin Abrams
29 Sep 2015

Today the Department for Transport’s Annual Bus Statistics were published and they made for pretty grim reading. The headline figures showed a... Read more



29 September 2015

Campaign for Better Transport has called for urgent action to stem the collapse in bus... Read more


Image curtesy of Pittou2 https://www.flickr.com/photos/pittou2/
Andrew Allen
30 Sep 2015

Now we know what's really coming out of some car exhaust pipes. It's clear we can't afford to spend billions building new roads for ever more cars... Read more



What exactly is wrong with this proposal? Tony Fairbairn is a local campaigner in Bexley and he has been looking at the scheme.

Steve Chambers

Better transport

Philippa Edmunds
28 Sep 2015

Transport & Environment (T&E) celebrated its 25th Birthday earlier this year; as a founding member, we at Campaign for Better transport... Read more

Better Transport


It must have seemed a good plan. Reform vehicle taxes so as to keep revenue coming in, and put that revenue (at least in England) into roads as a new "Road Fund". Motorists and Government... Read more

Stephen Joseph OBE

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