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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • The Government is consulting on a new Buses Bill, which will give more power to local authorities to improve buses, and we want to know what you think should be in there!

    Tell us what you'd put in the Buses Bill!

  • Sustainable development takes place when public and active transport are put at the centre of planning.

    Our new report shows some of the success stories in the UK, and shows how councils can do more to encourage sustainable transport, today!

  • Stephanie boards the demand-responsive taxi

    Stephanie's journey to hospital near Fleet used to take less than an hour. Now, thanks to cuts, it can take four.

    Follow her journey LIVE and Save Our Buses!

  • Maps website screenshots

    How do you think traffic has changed in your area in recent years? What cuts have been made to your local buses? Explore the first two maps on our brand new site and find out.

  • Bus demo in Lewes

    Are you frustrated with your daily transport? Together we can achieve:

    - Better public transport
    - Reasonable fares
    - Less traffic



Photo of Patrick McLoughlin at an event run by us
Martin Abrams
18 May 2015

Patrick McLoughlin has been reappointed - but as the election dust settles, rail passengers know he has serious work to do.



25 June 2015

Campaign for Better Transport has responded to the publication of the Spring 2015 edition of the National Rail Passenger Survey and the expected Government... Read more

Richard Watkins


Save Our Buses demo
Martin Abrams
02 Jul 2015

The Government has committed to a new Buses Bill, which will give greater powers to some city councils over bus provisions in their area. The... Read more



Since last year, Sarah Horton, who runs the 'Don't Cut Buses in Fleet and Church Crookham' Campaign has been tirelessly fighting to get her local buses reinstated. Sarah has very kindly written a... Read more

Martin Abrams


Gabriel in the Hollington Valley
Sian Berry
23 Jun 2015

Local council backs out of a High Court case and agrees to cancel permission for the illegally polluting Queensway Gateway Road.



What exactly is wrong with this proposal? Tony Fairbairn is a local campaigner in Bexley and he has been looking at the scheme.

Steve Chambers

Better transport

No Third Runway protesters
John Stewart
22 Jun 2015

Did you know that just 15% of the UK population takes more than 70% of our flights? With flying the fastest-growing cause of climate change, we're... Read more

Better Transport


What do the following developments have in common: A new town being constructed with a railway station at its centre, a major business development with parking spaces for only half the people who... Read more

Andrew Allen

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