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Roads to Nowhere

  • Photo: people on e-bikes

    The Government gives grants for converting to electric cars and vans - but not to electric bikes. Let's get that changed!

    Please email your MP and ask for this simple change: it would not cost any extra money, would be popular and would do a lot of good.

  • Photo courtesy of Network Rail: Lea Bridge Station

    Our new guide, Expanding the Railways, will make it easier to get a station or a section of track built or reopened, as Lea Bridge was last year.

  • Graph showing decreasing financial support for buses since 2010

    Our new research shows that funding for buses across England and Wales has been cut by 33% since 2010, and by nearly £30 million in just the last year.

    Find out what's happening and what you can do (and see the Welsh graph).

  • Pic: comparison of existing lorries and trial lorries

    The Government has just decided to allow 1,000 more longer lorries on UK roads as part of a trial. Help us ensure that they are not allowed in towns and cities where they will be a danger to cyclists and pedestrians: write to your MP.

  • Our successes, 2016

    We've been looking back on the things we've achieved - with your help - over the past year.



Andrew Allen
05 Jul 2017

Building a new train station costs a fortune and takes an age. How can we make things quicker and easier so the worthwhile projects actually get built? We've just written a new guide which aims to do precisely this, helping good projects get on track.



Last week, on a hot summer’s evening, a group of rail campaigners gathered at St Pancras Station. After meetings, lots of email exchanges and careful drafting and redrafting, we had a final... Read more

Lianna Etkind


05 Jul 2017

When the Epping Forest Transport Action Group found out about proposals to cut evening services on the 250 and... Read more



Next week, the Bus Services Bill will be debated in the House of Commons, and MPs will have a final chance to make any... Read more

Lianna Etkind


E-bikes photo courtesy of Electric Bikes Sussex.
Bridget Fox
17 Jul 2017

The Government's Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) gives grants for converting to electric cars and vans - but not to electric bikes.  We... Read more



Last year we welcomed the Department for Transport's ... Read more

Better transport

Newcastle station
Bridget Fox
09 Jul 2017

When Transport for the North (TfN) began developing a Strategic... Read more

Better Transport


Cynical politicians are sometimes dismissive of rail freight: 'Rail freight doesn't get a vote'. But a new YouGov poll shows that the public support rail over HGVs when it comes to freight - which... Read more

Philippa Edmunds

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