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Photo: Passengers at Paddington Station
Lianna Etkind
19 May 2016

The Commons Transport Committee has launched an investigation into 'the rail passenger experience', looking into what... Read more



The Government appears to have listened - it is expected that train journeys will be covered under new consumer rights legislation in what could be a big win for passengers who suffer... Read more

Andrew Allen


Photo: teens alight from a school bus
26 May 2016

As featured on Mumsnet, nearly 80% of local authorities have reduced school transport since 2010. ... Read more



20 May 2016

Campaign for Better Transport responds to the publication today of the Government’s new Bus... Read more

Richard Watkins


Chris Todd
23 May 2016

A £20 million junction on the outskirts of Norwich called Postwick Hub has been labelled by local campaigners as possibly the worst designed... Read more



"The battle against the proposal is waiting to be won".

That's the message from local campaigners in Hereford, who are fighting the proposed Southern Link Road.

In this... Read more

Better transport

Photo: car lights
Stephen Joseph OBE
25 May 2016

You can't go anywhere near any transport coverage these days without hearing about autonomous and connected vehicles. Spurred by Google and Tesla... Read more

Better Transport


We've been focusing on active travel in the month of May, contributing to the debate on the Government's Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS). In this... Read more

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