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Save our buses

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Roads to Nowhere

  • This plan will put lives at risk

    The Government wants to turn the hard shoulder on many stretches of motorway into an extra traffic lane. This will put lives at risk and generate extra traffic, noise and pollution.

  • Photo: boys at school

    New research has found that nearly 80% of local authorities have reduced school and college transport since 2010.

    Families are suffering, and we're ALL affected as an extra 100 million car journeys are made each year.

  • Photo: Placard saying 'New Roads Create New Traffic'

    If you think a new or bigger road in your local area is a bad idea and you want to stop it, download the new version of our Campaigner's Guide to Stopping Damaging Roads.

  • Photo: happy bus passengers

    We welcome this Bill, which promises to give councils new powers to improve bus services.

    Now let's campaign for it to REALLY help passengers. Sign up to our Buses e-bulletin and we'll keep you informed.



Andrew Allen
28 Jul 2016

New statistics on rail overcrowding make grim reading for commuters across the country. The Government must commit to new long term funding to... Read more



26 August 2016

Campaign for Better Transport has welcomed the Government's announcement of a further £20 million... Read more

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Steve Chambers
08 Jul 2016

The Bus Services Bill is new legislation planned to improve bus services from May 2017, but only if your transport authority can be persuaded to... Read more



As bus cuts bite across the country, many councils are replacing regular buses with bookable 'Demand Responsive Transport', or 'DRT'. Dick Fowler, a bus campaigner in Lincolnshire... Read more

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Grandstand Road, Newcastle upon Tyne
Bridget Fox
17 Aug 2016

Newcastle City Council has produced shocking plans for a massive new motorway-style junction on the Town Moor. 

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, marks 100 days in office today.

We’ve seen him set out encouraging plans to tackle air pollution, freeze some fares, and support active travel. So it’s a... Read more

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Better transport

palace of westminster
Andrew Allen
14 Jul 2016

Brexit aside, some of the thorniest issues of the current Parliament revolve around transport. While the new Secretary of State ponders what... Read more

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10 August 2016

Nottingham City Council has achieved its carbon emissions reduction target set for 2020 four years early in part due to the introduction of a Workplace... Read more

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