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  • 10 October 2011

    10 October 2011: There's just seven days left to let the government know what you think about planning. To make it easy, we've set up this simple action to give your views directly.

  • 23 September 2011

    23 September 2011: The Government's changes to the planning system are in danger of causing long-term damage in pursuit of short-term economic growth. Together with other NGOs, we've been calling on the Prime Minister to make clear that the environment still matters in planning.

  • 30 August 2011

    30 August 2011: We've just published today new research which shows that the Government's plans to radically change the planning system could cost the economy rather than help growth, and make attempts to cut carbon much more difficult.

  • 08 August 2011

    8 August 2011: The Government's plans for sweeping changes to the planning system are increasingly controversial. We're particularly worried that developers are saying that areas without an approved local plan could face "agressive development" - especially as that could mean 95% of areas.

  • 05 August 2011

    5 August 2011: The Government has come under severe criticism for its changes to the planning system but has accused its critics of misleading the public. But there are very good reasons why we think the changes will lead to more sprawl and damage the environment.

  • 25 July 2011

    25 July 2011: The Government's new National Planning Policy Framework, which was published today, talks about sustainability but will just prevent communities from stopping damaging development.

  • 06 July 2011

    6 July 2011: Last year the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee called on the Government to improve air quality and make a ‘dramatic change’ in transport policy. What’s happened since?

  • 01 July 2011

    1 July 2011: The Times reports today on a leak of the forthcoming National Planning Policy Framework. It seems that councils will be able to do little to stop damaging development in the Government's dash for economic growth at any cost.

  • 22 June 2011

    22 June 2011: London is already the most congested city in the UK and the third most congested city in Europe. Just last year Transport for London (TfL) forecast that traffic congestion in the capital would grow by a further 14% over the next two decades. Now it’s claiming that it won’t grow by...

  • 15 June 2011

    15 June 2011: The Government has published today what it means by a "presumption in favour of sustainable development" in the planning system. But there's a fear that this could be used to allow pretty much any develoment in a short-term dash for jobs.