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Roads to Nowhere

  • Disused rail line

    With more and more people using the railways, we want to see many of the lines and stations closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s open once more, and new lines and stations being built to serve communities.

    Please sign our joint letter with Railfuture calling on the Government to set up a fund for expanding the railways.

  • Our successes, 2017

    By writing letters, signing petitions, sharing your stories, coming to demos and making donations, you have helped us achieve so much over the past year.

    Here are just a few of those successes in numbers...

  • Photo: people on e-bikes

    The Government gives grants for converting to electric cars and vans - but not to electric bikes. Let's get that changed!

    Please email your MP and ask for this simple change: it would not cost any extra money, would be popular and would do a lot of good.

  • Family sitting under trees

    Brexit has a whole range of implications for transport and for the environment.

    Email your MP to ask that our environment laws are not weakened or left vulnerable by Brexit.



Station at sunset
Andrew Allen
08 Mar 2018

Rail’s strength is not just in moving people. It cuts carbon, supports communities, develops local economies and much else. The rail industry – and franchising in particular - must do more to understand, promote and develop these benefits. 



The Government has published its new Strategic Vision for Rail, setting out... Read more

Andrew Allen


Chris Todd
22 Jan 2018

When it comes to motorised transport, the bus is definitely the poor relation.  It doesn’t appear to have the same appeal to decision makers that... Read more



Saving a bus route is hard, and restoring cuts once they've happened is even harder. But when the frequency of bus no. 18 was reduced, Lancaster Bus Users' Group didn't let that stop them. Chair... Read more


23 Apr 2018

Stockport has many wonders but these road plans are not among them.

Guest blogger Graham Trickey from Goyt Valley SOS! updates us... Read more



Imagine a world where highways managers invested in making existing roads greener, rather than building new ones. Our new report ‘Roads and the Environment’, sponsored by the Rees... Read more

Bridget Fox

Better transport

Open-topped bus in the Lake District
31 Mar 2018

This spring, wouldn't it be nice if we could enjoy our favourite beauty spots without filling them with traffic? Nat Taplin, Director of... Read more

Better Transport


HGVs are still only paying a third of the costs they impose on the economy and society in terms of road congestion, road crashes, road damage and pollution costs. This means HGVs are being... Read more

Philippa Edmunds

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