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Our successes in numbers, 2016 (text version)

This is the text version of our 'Successes 2016' infographic.

In 2016, with your help, Campaign for Better Transport...

900 years old
Helped local campaigners stop road-building on 900-year-old moorland in Newcastle

£20 million
Successfully called for more money to be spent on building new stations and reopening closed ones. A further £20 million investment was announced by Government

Saw the first fruits of our hard-fought campaign for part-time season tickets: 2 franchise documents requiring train companies to give discounts to part-time commuters

30 years old
Ensured that the companies newly responsible for rail services in the North of England will scrap the hated, 30-year-old Pacer trains

Helped more than 100 people to campaign locally against bus cuts

15 minutes
Improved the Delay Repay scheme: rail passengers will be compensated for delays of 15 minutes or more

Saw many of our asks reflected in the Government's new Rail Freight Strategy, which acknowledges that rail freight produces 76% less CO2 than road freight

£1.2 billion
Got central Government to allocate £1.2 billion to local road maintenance and mending potholes

2.24 billion
Moved buses up the political agenda. A Bus Services Bill is now going through Parliament which could improve the 2.24 billion passenger journeys made outside London each year

33 / 85 / 6,000
Featured on the TV 33 times, on the radio 85 times, and in written articles more than 6,000 times, making the case for better, greener, fairer transport

£500 million
Reduced the impact of existing roads on the environment and communities; the £500 million of Highways England money that we got ringfenced for a 'green retrofit' began to be spent

Thank you for your support! With your help we can do even more this year.