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How you can help fight ever-rising rail fares

On 2 January 2018, the cost of season tickets and many other rail tickets rose by 3.6%.

This is the highest rise in five years and will leave the average commuter coming into London £146 worse off. At a time when our wages are stagnating, this is unacceptable.

Millions of people commute by train. It's time that we pull together to fight these ever-rising rail fares.

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The recent rise in rail fares was determined by the Government. Almost half of rail fares are 'regulated', including season tickets and some off-peak and anytime tickets. The Government decided to increase these fares in line with RPI: a real blow for workers whose wages are not increasing by anything like these levels.

This is quite different from how the Government is treating motorists. In his Autumn budget, the Chancellor announced that fuel duty will be frozen for the eighth consecutive year saving the average driver £160 a year. At a time when carbon emissions from transport are growing, it is wrong to penalise us when we try to make the green choice and travel by train.

"We called for a rail fares freeze to help struggling commuters, but the Government chose to snub rail passengers and only freeze fuel duty. Today season ticket holders will have had to fork out almost as much as drivers will save this year. That doesn’t seem fair to us or the millions of people who commute by train, especially as wages continue to stagnate. What’s good enough for motorists should be good enough for rail passengers" - Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport.

What can we do to fight these ever-rising rail fares?

Through our Fair Fares Now campaign, we are lobbying the Government to freeze rail fares. We want fairer, simpler fares for all passengers, including a better deal for people who commute part-time. (Right now part-time commuters must either buy full-time season tickets or very expensive one-off tickets.) Please sign up to the Fair Fares Now campaign today: together we can fight these ever-rising rail fares