How to stop a road from being built

Photo: Protest against the M4 Levels MotorwayIf you want the easy life, stop reading now. Defeating a road building scheme is a bit of a slog. You’ll need to spend many hours poring over documents, collecting petition signatures, fundraising, searching the internet, working with the media and sending hundreds of emails.

However it is very important work and can be fun as well as rewarding. If you take it on you will look back with pride on your efforts to save our beautiful countryside, stop villages from being ruined, protect people’s quality of life and tackle climate change.

To stop a road from being built, you need to:

"Trying to stop a road from being built may be a lot of work but it's worthwhile because you get to engage with and to empower the local community to take action on something that really matters to them. The pay-off for the effort is the relationships that you build, on top of hopefully stopping your chosen road scheme. The results can be life changing -- as in our case, where we lived directly on the route of the proposed route for nearly three years!"
~ Shaun Qureshi, Parklife

The photo above is courtesy of CALM - Campaign Against the Levels Motorway.

Last updated: 30 October 2009
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