How to set up a Home Zone

Home Zones are lovely places.

Photo: Five Roads Home ZoneA Home Zone is much more than a traffic-calmed area. A Home Zone is a clearly marked residential area where the road or roads are used for a wide range of activities besides simply driving. All road users share the space and respect its many uses and the streets are places for people, not just traffic. Vehicles travel slowly, people safely use the whole of the street to gather and play in and travel through. As well as traffic calming measures, the street may also have seating, planting schemes and play equipment.

The photo above, courtesy of Five Roads Forum, shows residents working on Five Roads Home Zone in London. See more Home Zone photos.

To create a home zone, you need to:

"We found a house in Hertford and were very impressed by how clean and peaceful the street was, and only later found out that it was a Home Zone. A quick web search later to find out what Home Zones were all about and I was chuffed to see how well it fitted my environmental concerns, our wish to get involved in our community and our need to find a safe place for the kids to grow up. We’ve only recently moved in but already it feels like an oasis of calm. We can hear birdsong instead of car engines when we wake up, we actually get to see our neighbours (who are great) and it’s brilliant to see kids playing in the street and to let our kids go off to the park with their friends without worrying about traffic. There’s a good balance between 'normality' (residents still have cars and it looks like a normal street not a hippie commune!) and visionary. A brilliant idea."
~ Lisa Weatherley, who lives within a Home Zone

Last updated: 4 November 2009
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