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How would our Budget ideas affect YOU?

Photo courtesy of Moorsbus showing young cyclists and a busIn late November the Chancellor will deliver the Budget, setting out the Government's tax and spending plans for the year ahead. 

We've got some suggestions for him!

We think the Chancellor should make it easier and cheaper for people to travel by bus, train and bike, and to choose greener cars. We also think he should clean up our polluted air, for instance by helping bus companies to invest in cleaner, greener buses and enabling more freight to be carried by rail, not lorries.

Of course these ideas will have to be paid for. We think the money should come from a combination of saving (no more building big new roads or subsidising flights from regional airports) and fair taxation (removing the six-year freeze on fuel duty for motorists and introducing a Frequent Flyer Levy for people who fly many times a year).

Together with a coalition of transport experts and transport users, we've sent the Chancellor this document which sets out our Budget ideas in detail.

The only problem with our document is... like any policy document on taxation and finance, it's a bit dry.

What we need to persuade the Chancellor to support sustainable transport are some real examples of how our Budget ideas would affect real people. Can you help?

Please read through the ideas below, and if you find one that would affect you, tell us how! Just like Don and Joanne did...

Budget idea: Grants to help people buy electric bikes.
How this would affect Don: "I currently commute by bike two days a week and, because of the distance, the rest of the week by car. I have tried a demo e-bike and could easily make the journey every day using this."

Budget idea: Flexible season tickets for part-time commuters.
How this would affect Joanne: "I want to reduce my working hours. As a nurse of 30 years standing I am now in my mid-50s and exhausted. But I can't afford to go part-time against a monthly cost of £422 for travel."

Tell us how one or more of our Budget ideas would affect you

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