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We are a small charity making a big difference all year round, but we can't do it without your help...

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  • Give a special gift this Christmas

Give a special gift this Christmas

What are you dreaming of this Christmas? How about transport that we can all afford, that makes our lives better without harming our environment? (And that – just maybe – gives us a little adventure along the way...)

How's this for a dream? Railway lines and stations closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s, open once more. And new lines and stations being built to serve communities. With more and more people using the railways, it's a dream that could come true – and we've been working for many years to make it happen.

  • Earlier this year we wrote a guide called Expanding the Railways: How to develop and deliver a proposal. We provided our guide free of charge to the hundreds of campaign groups and communities that requested it.
  • Then in August we celebrated when the Government announced that it will help to fund the opening of five new stations, dotted from County Durham to Ceredigion. The New Stations Fund is directly down to our work we suggested and lobbied for it back in 2012.
  • But a handful of stations isn't enough! We wrote to and met with the Transport Secretary to call for many more – in fact we put together a long list, suggested by groups and individuals all over the country.
  • In November we were delighted when the Government announced plans to expand the rail network as part of its Strategic Vision for Rail... citing our Expanding the Railways report! It is now looking at where lost lines can be reopened to connect communities and support jobs and housing. We'll be pushing to ensure that this 'vision' is backed by new investment.

So what's it like when a dream comes true and a rail station is reopened? We asked people in Low Moor, near Bradford, whose station reopened this year.

"This station is an asset to our area. I enjoy using it for trips out with my daughter. She's five and has questions about everything! On the train I can focus on her: we talk and play I Spy and she's in charge of the tickets! It's more of an adventure on the train!"
- Helen, pictured above with daughter Eva

You can see more comments from Low Moor below - thanks to the wonderful Friends of Low Moor Station!

Campaign for Better Transport is a charity; our campaign for rail reopenings is supported by people like you who dream of a better transport system. We also campaign for lower rail fares and against bus cuts. Rather than more roads and more traffic, we want to see the alternatives vastly improved.

Please make a donation this Christmas and help make transport dreams come true!