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Sian BerryOur road campaigners Sian Berry and Chris Todd are here to help with advice on campaigning, funding, finding other campaigners in your area and any other advice you need on mobilising against road-building in your area.

Contact them here: 

Chris ToddSian Berry
Tel: 020 7566 6488

Chris Todd

Campaign Guides:

Roads to Nowhere online:

Our interactive map of proposed roads is constantly updated, and any new road schemes in LEP and Local Transport Board plans will be added as they emerge.

If you have news about your campaigns or any new information to add to the map, let us know by email, or fill in the form here:

Our map of UK Air Quality Management Areas is another useful resource to help campaigners show where road proposals will add to pollution in areas already suffering from a lack of clean air. Explore the map below, or click on the link above for a larger version where you can also download the map data for re-use.

Another Road to Nowhere logo:

As well as our main ‘Roads to Nowhere’ logo, we’ve also created a version that says ‘Another Road to Nowhere’, which is under a creative commons licence (cc-nc for non-commercial use) for local groups and campaigns.

Show you're part of a growing movement and put it on your website, postcards, placards and anything else you like. Editable artwork is also available if you want to adapt it and change the words to create a logo for your campaign.

Find the image files here:

Borrow our banner

We have a 1.5m x 7.5m banner suitable for protests, camps, backdrops for meetings and many other uses, it says 'NO NEW ROAD' along with the 'Another Road to Nowhere' logo. Please invite our campaigners to join you at your events and we will bring it along!

Get in touch with Chris to find out more:

From other organisations:

Friends of the Earth's Transport Hub is a joint project with Campaign for Better Transport where local campaigners can share ideas, resources and news:,page1644.html

CPRE has a clear and helpful site devoted to giving advice on planning applications:

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