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Save our buses

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Roads to Nowhere

Resources for road campaigners

Our road campaigners Sian Berry and Chris Todd are here to help with advice on campaigning, funding, finding other campaigners in your area and any other advice you need on mobilising against road-building in your area.

Sian Berry
020 7566 6488

Chris Todd

Road campaign guide, click to downloadCampaign guides and info:

Roads to Nowhere online:


Air pollution map:

Our map of UK Air Quality Management Areas helps campaigners identify where road proposals will add to pollution in areas already suffering from a lack of clean air. Explore the map below, or click on the link above for a larger version where you can also download the map data for re-use.

BorroBanner protest against Silvertown Tunnel 2013w our banners:

We have a range of lightweight mesh banners suitable for protests, camps, backdrops for meetings, banner drops and many other uses. Invite our campaigners to join you at your events and we will bring them along, or we can get them sent over in the post even if we can't make it.

Better buses not bigger roads used as backdrop - photo Alexis MaryonBanner sizes:

  • 'No new road' - 7.5m x 1.5m
  • 'Save our countryside' or 'No more choking traffic' - 2.75m x 0.9m
  • 'New roads create new traffic' and 'Better buses not bigger roads' - 2.3m x 1.5m

New roads create new trafficGet in touch with Chris to find out more:

Stories and tips from local campaigners

Read how Alex and her group helped to save precious countryside in Oxfordshire, find out how Emma is protecting a nature reserve in Derbyshire, and learn from Derrick's experience of campaigning against the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road. Find out how Judith and her neighbours won their spirited fight against plans to build a seven-lane super-highway through their North Wales village.

Save our countryside

Another Road to Nowhere logo:

As well as our main ‘Roads to Nowhere’ logo, we’ve also created a version that says ‘Another Road to Nowhere’, which is under a creative commons licence (cc-nc for non-commercial use) for local groups and campaigns.

No more choking trafficShow you're part of a growing movement and put it on your website, postcards, placards and anything else you like. Editable artwork is also available if you want to adapt it and change the words to create a logo for your campaign.

Another Road to Nowhere LogoFind the image files here:


From other organisations:

Friends of the Earth's Transport Hub is a joint project with Campaign for Better Transport where local campaigners can share ideas, resources and news:

CPRE has a clear and helpful site devoted to giving advice on planning applications:http://planninghelp.org.uk/