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Fair Fares Now is our new campaign against ever-rising train fares. Join us in calling for fares that are cheaper, simpler and fairer.

Taking the train can be a great alternative to driving or flying, but too often it's not. Fares are too expensive, services are often overcrowded and for many people, there is no railway station nearby.

The Government needs to make taking the train a better option. This would help us tackle climate change and reduce traffic, which would improve our lives, our communities and our environment.

Strong Government action is required now

Hundreds of companies are involved in our rail network, making it hard to know who to turn to for a better train service. The best approach is to focus on the Government. It has the power to make improvements happen and it can be held accountable by passengers.

  • Fares need to be cheaper and less complex

Fares are too expensive and buying a ticket is too complicated. Our campaign to cut train fares aims to change this; we're calling for the Government to review how it regulates fares. 

  • Overcrowding needs to be tackled

The Government needs a clear plan to tackle overcrowding by expanding capacity, not pricing people off trains. It must introduce the 1300 new carriages it promised to provide in 2007 as soon as possible.

  • New lines are needed

The Government should link more towns to the rail network by building and reopening small lines.

  • It needs to be easier to take the train

Passengers need more accessible stations which are easier to get to by bus or bike. And we need a seven-day railway: fewer weekend line closures, with some lines working while work is done on others, should be the norm.

  • Rail operator costs need to be brought down

Saving money means more money for investment, and better services for passengers. Yet since 1997, the cost of running the rail network has trebled. The Government should keep the East Coast line in the public sector to look at whether it provides better value for money.  

  • Trains must be a part of strategic plans

Better links between our train network, housing and retail developments is a planning necessity.  High density development results in high rail use.

  • Rail's environmental record needs to improve

Environmental strategies must be a mandatory element of franchise bids. Trains would be even greener if all railway lines and trains were run on green electricity.

You are part of the solution

While the Government needs to do a great deal, there are ways you can help to improve trains:


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Last updated: 23 March 2011
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