People keep telling us that bus fares are too expensive and yet the price of fares keeps rising above inflation every year. 

Bus and coach fares have risen by 24%, in real terms, in just over a decade.

High bus fares make life hard for people who depend upon the bus to get to work, school and the doctor, and to visit family and friends.

We’re working to bring down fares because we know that if fares were lowered, more people would take the bus. Research we recently commissioned found that if fares were reduced by 20%, bus travel would increase by 13%. This would reduce traffic and CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

In July 2009 we ran a competition to find the most expensive bus fare. 
The winning journey was sent to us by Stewart Henderson in Scotland. His 15-minute journey from Elgin to Rothes costs his family of three £14.80 return.

"High bus fares affect everyone in the local community, I have family who live in a rural setting, and because of the high bus fares can only travel to see them on an irregular basis. If the fares were lower obviously I could see them more often."
~ Stewart Henderson

If you have an example of a fare that is even more outrageous than this, please contact us with the details, and we may add it to the list below.

Some examples of expensive fares:

Journey: Falmouth to Perranarworthal. About 6 miles
Cost: £5.00 single

Journey: Aylesham to Canterbury. About 8 miles
Cost: £5.00 return 

Journey: Bothel Village to Carlisle. About 18 miles. Takes about 40 minutes.
Cost: £9.75 return

Journey: Highclere, Hampshire to Newbury, Berkshire. About 5 miles.
Cost: £4.80 return

Journey: Clifton to Bristol centre. About 1.5 miles.
Cost: £2.70 return

Journey: Weston to Bath centre. About 2 miles.
Cost: £4.10 return

Journey: Brookthorpe to Stroud return. About 7 miles. Takes about 20 minutes. 
£7.70 return for one adult and one child

Journey: Centre of Bristol to Southmead hospital. About 3 miles. Takes about 9 minutes.
Cost: £3.80 return

Journey: Earl Shilton to Market Bosworth. About 7 miles. This journey involves taking two buses, which are run by different operators so a separate ticket must be bought for each operator.
Cost: £6.90 return

Journey: 0.9 miles along Earlham Road in Norwich
Cost: £2.20

"I find that the buses are incredibly expensive and unreliable" ~ Malcolm Waterman

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Last updated: 10 April 2014
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