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  • Fair Fares Now

    Fair Fares Now

Fair Fares Now

We're calling for cheaper, fairer and simpler train fares. The UK has some of the most expensive rail fares in the world but despite this fares are still continuing to rise year after year.

January 2014 will be the eleventh year in a row of above-inflation fare increases, meaning that fares are now increasing by almost twice the rate of incomes, outstripping increases in wages by nearly 14 per cent since 2007.

We know that high ticket prices are the main reason why more people don't take the train. So if we're to tackle climate change and cut congestion we need cheaper train fares.


Cheaper - affordable rail fares, including peak times and turn-up-and-go tickets

Regulated fares fall gradually, over time to the European average. The high premium paid for flexibility and peak-time travel is reduced.


Fairer - reliable services that aren't overcrowded.

Reasonable peak times, options for part-time workers, and above all services that provide good value for money.


Simpler - straightforward tickets that make train travel simple.

Straightforward and smart tickets that remove barriers to choosing the train.

We have the power to hold the Government to account and to pressure them into making changes. We have already had many campaign successes. You can read our full Fair Fares Now Charter here.

Take action!

Take action!

Are you a part-time worker? Join our campaign by telling us your views about part-time season tickets.



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