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Success! Wiltshire Council is told to delete Westbury Bypass plans

16 April 2014: Local campaigners in Wiltshire are celebrating after a Planning Inspector told Wiltshire Council to remove a damaging bypass from its development plans.


Stealth road would destroy Manchester green belt

21 March 2014: Campaigners in the North West have raised the alarm over a 'strategic road by stealth' that would enclose a vast area of green belt and undermine public transport


Everyone can help stop the Norwich Northern Distributor Road

17 March 2014: Please act now and help local people stop the Norwich Northern Distributor Road, which, as three-quarters of a northern bypass around Norwich, really is a road to nowhere.


Thank you! Roads policy statement is most controversial ever

5 March 2014: There was a record-breaking negative response to the Government's draft planning policy for main roads. Thanks to all our supporters for sharing the need to take action!


New roads policy goes back to the 90s – help us take action

3 February 2014: The Government has published its draft National Policy Statement (NPS) for major roads and railways. With a return to predict and provide and a 'climate gag' clause, we're calling it a national disaster.


Winning the arguments: Government drops plans for new tolls and private roads

5 December: As the M6 Toll marks ten dismal years, the Government is learning the lessons and abandoning plans to pull private money into new road building.


New Combe Haven film is an inspiration for road campaigners

From the Granny Tree to George Osborne's country house: watch an inspiring and informative short film about the campaigns against the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.


Legal warning over pollution impact of roads

18 October 2013: Air pollution is becoming a major issue for campaigners, with new roads across the country threatening to make even more people breathe air that's over legal limits.


South Bristol Link faces strengthening opposition

2 October 2013: The South Bristol Link is one of the most pointless and damaging proposed road schemes. Campaigner Pip Sheard has recently helped launch a new website, bringing together local groups to oppose the road's planning application.


Private Eye's 'Road Rage' column on traffic and forecasts

14 August 2013: Reprinted with permission, Private Eye's Hedgehog column recently summarised how unfeasibly high Government traffic forecasts are being used to justify road-building.


Treasury minister's role in road funding 'in danger of looking like pork barrel politics'

12 August 2013: As reported by the FT, we have uncovered emails that show a £290 million road in a marginal constituency was funded thanks to the intervention of Danny Alexander.


Combe Haven rally brings home the damage caused by new roads

25 July 2013: Campaigners from across the country joined us at the first national Rally Against Road-Building and saw the damage already being done by preparations for the Bexhill-Hastings L


New road plans from the Treasury are a colossal transport policy error

27 June 2013: Widespread road-building plans announced today by the Government will blight the country for generations to come.


Fury at Chancellor's plan for the largest roads programme "for half a century"

26 June 2013: The detail of the Government's infrastructure plans for the next five years will be given tomorrow, but the Chancellor has made his aims clear today.


Tolls and polls – what do the public think?

21 June 2013: Previously unpublished poll results on using tolls to pay for a road-building programme should rule these plans out of next week's Spending Round.


Road repairs gain more friends – will the Chancellor act?

11 June 2013: Drivers, cyclists, pedestrian and rural campaigners, business groups and the general public all agree repairs should be the priority for roads in this month’s Spending Round.


Serious flaws in Heysham Link Road planning decision

8 April 2013: Local campaigner David Gate is astonished that the green light was given to this road after the Examiner found so much to criticise about the plans.


Questions on a tree for the DfT

4 March 2013: Campaigners have delivered a dramatic message to Transport Ministers, demanding they reveal their reasons for funding the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.


Combe Haven road funding could still be stopped

8 February 2013: An emergency petition is launched as the DfT admits it hasn’t yet approved its share of funding for the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.


Last day of London river crossings consultation

1 February 2013: Send Transport for London your objections to filling East London with unnecessary new traffic.


Temperature rises in the Combe Haven valley

29 January 2013: This week, road protest camp evictions continue, while six major environment groups visit the valley and the Hastings battle site issue goes to court.


Say no to more traffic in East London

25 January 2013: A consultation on new river crossings ends on 1 February. We’re strongly against cramming more cars into an area already suffering from too much traffic.


Professors urge smarter transport planning

23 January 2013: Thirty-two transport professors have warned ministers that trying to build our way out of congestion is a dead end.


Evictions on the road to nowhere

16 January 2013: I was in Crowhurst today as the second of the protest camps in the Combe Haven valley was evicted.


Why I chose to join the fight against the link road

14 January 2013: Tom Druitt from Brighton tells us why he is protesting to save the Combe Haven valley near Hastings from a damaging new road.


Private roads find few friends

7 January 2013: The lack of an update today shows that, outside Downing Street, plans to build new roads with private funds have very little support.


Autumn Statement sounds road-building alarm

5 December 2012: Local communities need to be vigilant for a wave of new road building projects springing up as a result of today’s Autumn Statement by the Chancellor.


Dual carriageway paves way for Manchester Airport expansion

4 December 2012: Kim Barrett from campaign group PAULA explains why you should join her in opposing the A6 to Manchester Airport Link Road.


Peak car or bleak car? The future is up for grabs

3 December 2012: A major report today shows some of the factors behind patterns of car use, and how policies can change future trends.


Toll roads don’t add up

30 November 2012: The latest evidence from the A14 Study shows that plans for new toll roads should be dropped for good.


Judicial review to become a ‘rich man’s toy’

19 November 2012: The Prime Minister wants to cut down communities’ last legal defence against damaging infrastructure plans.


Saving Lancashire’s ‘invisible otters’

16 November 2012: TV conservationist Chris Packham has backed a local campaign to stop a road devastating an area popular with otters.


Plans launched for Thames crossings and Manchester Airport road

30 October 2012: Public consultations have started on two major zombie road projects in London and Manchester.


Come to our free training conference

9 October 2012: We're offering training and support to anyone who wants to stop a new wave of road-building covering their local area with tarmac.


Actions in Hastings and Twyford Down this weekend

26 September 2012: Twyford Down is remembered with warnings about a new wave of road-building and protests, while activists in Hastings are preparing for peaceful resistance to a link road.


The Climate Change Act is being ignored by transport decision-makers

Councillor Andrew Boswell writes about how the proliferation of new local road proposals will breach clear requirements to cut carbon.


Marking twenty years since Twyford Down

10 September 2012: Becca Lush Blum writes about her experiences at Twyford Down and the threat of new road-building plans.


Which are the most car dependent cities?

28 August 2012: London, Brighton and Hove and Nottingham top our transport table, while the people of Wigan are rated the most dependent on cars to get around.


Railtrack for the roads?

16 August 2012: Our new report highlights problems with the different ways ministers are thinking about privatising the road network.


Huge Cheshire bypass is unnecessary and destructive

16 July 2012: Local campaigners tell us about their battle to stop a resurrected road project in the Chancellor's constituency.


We’re consulting on Smarter Choices

13 July 2012: Send us your evidence for the benefits of smarter travel initiatives.


Advice from a winning campaign

29 June 2012: Campaigners from Witney First tell us how they stopped a damaging new road in the Prime Minister's constituency.


Big wins for anti-road campaigners in Waverley and Witney

18 June 2012: Some great news this week as two damaging ‘Link Road’ projects bite the dust.


Lincolnshire puts its faith in tarmac not turbines

7 June 2012: The County Council has voted to restrict wind turbine development while planning new roads all over the countryside.


Campaigners countrywide gear up to fight new roads

31 May: With road plans proliferating, new groups are springing up to oppose them while established campaigns are keeping up the pressure.


Come to Combe Haven before it’s too late

22 May: The Hastings Alliance urges visitors to come to the Combe Haven valley, threatened by the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road, this summer.


Join the campaign against 80mph

18 May: Campaign for Better Transport has joined a coalition of safety and environmental organisations to stop plans to increase the motorway speed limit.


Traffic forecasts and pensions

17 April: With our government's record of over-stated traffic forecasts, will pension funds be convinced to invest money in new roads?


Rail freight crucial in A14 challenge

15 March: Campaigner Eileen Collier argues that rail freight and smarter choices are the best alternatives to a huge toll road in Cambridgeshire.


Stop the most pointless road in England

9 March 2012: Seven green organisations have written to Transport Secretary Justine Greening urging her not to fund the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.


Desperately seeking transparency in transport decisions

9 March: How we've helped to make the £2.4 billion Regional Growth Fund more transparent.


New vehicle crossings for the Thames would create traffic

27 February: Transport for London is consulting on two new river crossings and we’re encouraging people to object to both.


PM tells councils to shout for new roads

22 February: We’ve mapped road threats as the PM quietly tells councils to shout loudly for their pet road schemes.


Give the public a bigger say on motorway funding

8 February: In a joint letter with CPRE we say the Highways Agency should be made more accountable not more commercial.


Cheaper ways to beat A14 congestion

2 February: Our response to the DfT’s 'A14 Challenge' shows how congestion could be solved for one third of the cost of a huge widening project.


One last push to defeat the link road

27 January: Derrick Coffee from the Hastings Alliance writes about the best chance in a decade to defeat a damaging road proposal on the south coast.


Government to repeat M6 Toll failure?

25 January: New traffic figures from the M6 toll road show it is still spectacularly failing. So why is the Government considering a new generation of toll roads?


80 mph public health warning

6 January: The British Medical Journal has published a stinging editorial warning about the health costs of increasing the motorway speed limit.


Norwich and Hastings road projects still face funding hurdles

15 December: Yesterday’s local transport funding decisions were a huge disappointment, but the game isn’t over yet for two of the worst roads.


Go ahead for Norwich, whilst Hastings is spared

14 December: The Norwich road got the go-ahead today, but Hastings will instead get a review of alternative options.


Government must open up decisions on £1bn Regional Growth Fund

8 December: Funding for Regional Growth Fund projects has been allocated behind closed doors. We’re arguing these important decisions should be open to public scrutiny.


Lady Godiva rides while Lancashire County Council tramples

7 December: Lady Godiva rode through Halton to protest at Lancashire County Council’s £123.3 million Heysham to M6 Link Road.


Our village will be swallowed up in urban sprawl

6 December: Richard from the Kingskerswell Alliance writes about his disappointment that Ministers have ignored the concerns of thousands of local people to fund the Kingskerswell Bypass...


Widening the A453 would be a £160 million mistake

5 December: The Autumn Statement contained even more bad news than the Bristol and Kingskerswell ‘link roads’. Today we look at the resurrected A453 widening scheme.


Manchester airport road is nonsensical

2 December: As another old road proposal gets funding support from the government, campaigner Lillian Burns says that the Manchester Airport link roads are not needed.


How long will the Chancellor’s London plans last?

1 December: National and London government joined forces to puff up transport proposals in the Autumn Statement. But within a couple of days the hot air already seems to have escaped.


Join the Godiva demonstration against new M6 link

1 December: This Sunday Lady Godiva will ride again - opposing an unjustified and expensive Link Road being built through Lancashire.


Kingskerswell and Bristol roads bulldozed through so Chancellor can posture

29 November: Hugely disappointing news as the Treasury announces extra money so that the DfT can approve every one of its road schemes.


RAC call for new roads rests on shaky foundations

21 November: It seems the RAC Foundation needs reminding that population and traffic growth are no longer joined at the hip.


The Kingskerswell bypass could cause gridlock in Torbay

15 November: A new report shows that the knock-on effects of new traffic have been ignored by the County Council’s modelling.


Build on falling traffic trend – not on the countryside

10 November: Quarterly traffic figures are out, showing falling vehicle numbers and undermining the case for new roads.


‘Growing Places’ fund will fuel car dependence

7 November: The £500 million Growing Places Fund from DCLG looks like yet another policy to encourage car-based developments.


Say no to Herefordshire’s £100 million ‘Relief Road’

3 November: Another expensive development-focused bypass is facing a public consultation – this time in Hereford


M25: a lesson in what not to do

26 October: The M25 has always been a bit of a symbol, so as we ‘celebrate’ the 25th anniversary of its opening this week, it is worth seeing what lessons it has for us now.


A tribute to John Hartley, Devon transport campaigner

19 October: We were very sad to hear that John Hartley, Chair of Campaign for Better Transport Devon, died on Monday night.


Our advice to ministers: don't spend on roads, invest in public transport instead

14 October: The comments period for the Development Pool of transport projects has just closed, and our advice to ministers is to focus on public transport, not roads.


Will ministers pave over the site of the Battle of Hastings?

13 October: Evidence from a new book claims that a proposed bypass in Sussex would cut through the site of England's most historic battle.


Public transport needs your support

11 October: The deadline for comments on the Development Pool of 45 transport schemes is looming, and we don't just need your comments on the big road schemes.


Send in your views on the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road

11 October: Just three days left for the public to comment on where Government should spend £630 million of transport funding.


Last 7 days to object to road plans

7 October: There's just one week left of the Government's 'comments period' for 45 major transport projects - have you sent your views in?


Putting the 'con' into consultation...

5 October: We've been unpicking council claims to have consulted on their dusty old road schemes, with shocking results...


South Bristol Link Road – here we go again!

4 October: Pip Sheard from the Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance writes about better ways to improve transport in Bristol.


Our new study shows 80mph would only boost the treasury

3 October: Philip Hammond's 80mph 'stealth tax' would benefit the government's coffers, not drivers or the economy.


Successful rally for Hastings Alliance

28 September: A great day in the Combe Haven last Saturday for the ‘Rally in the Valley’ against the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.


New briefing: people with road-promoting councils get a raw deal

27 September: Our analysis of the 45 final bids for the Development Pool of large transport projects is released today, along with full data


Join us for a 'Rally in the Valley' this Saturday

22 September: This Saturday we'll be joining the Hastings Alliance for a Rally in the Valley against the proposed Bexhill-Hastings Link Road


New interactive transport project map

21 September: Our new map helps you find and comment on transport proposals in your area.


Council road spending goes through the roof

15 September: We've now received final details of all but three of the 45 local authority major transport schemes competing for funding this autumn.


The final dash for cash

7 September: On Friday the competition for £630m in transport funding, and our best chance to finally see the back of dinosaur road schemes, will begin.


Does ‘Hubgate’ spell more trouble for the Norwich Northern Distributor?

12 August: Campaigners and councillors in Norfolk have asked the Audit Commission to investigate council money spent on a private development linked with a £120m ring road project.


Another council plans to risk tens of millions on a pointless bypass

12 August: Lincolnshire County Council is breaking its summer recess on Monday to vote on whether to gamble £48 million on its plans for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.


Bucks council funds road works by cutting sustainable transport

29 July: We discovered today that Buckinghamshire County Council is taking money for road repairs by snaffling more than £2.5 million that had been earmarked for cyclists and walkers, community bus users and road safety.


63% of locals oppose the Kingskerswell Bypass

26 July: Consultations have shown 63% of local people oppose the Kingskerswell Bypass, yet Devon County Council claim 72% support it. How have the council performed this conjuring trick?


Government should drop Heysham-M6 Link road

20 July 2011: Friends of the Earth, Campaign to Protect Rural England and Campaign for Better Transport have teamed up with local campaigners to ask for government funding support to be withdrawn from a major road scheme near Lancaster.


Councils issue blank cheques for roads while slashing services

7 July 2011: More evidence that councils are slashing budgets for vital public services, while ploughing yet more money into zombie road schemes…


Finance problems with Mersey Gateway Bridge should prompt a rethink

4 July: The Liverpool Daily Post reports today on growing doubts that a viable financial deal for the proposed new six-lane Mersey Gateway Bridge will be found.


Third report of Committee on Climate Change

30 June: The third annual report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) was presented this morning.


Road consultations backfiring

24 June: Two consultations on controversial roads schemes in Lancashire and Kingskerswell in Devon are not going quite as they should...


When is a consultation not a consultation? When it's the Heysham M6

4 April: The controversial Heysham M6 Link is set to be the first road scheme to go before the Infrastructure Planning Commission


Minister tells Devon not to put bypass ahead of buses

8 March: Devon wants to spend £33 million on a bypass while slashing bus services. We've been trying to stop them - and Norman Baker just stepped into the fray.

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