The Government is pushing ahead with a massive road building programme that people don’t want or need. If the proposed roads are built, we will be worse off (which is why we've prepared a guide to help people oppose them).

What's wrong with road building?

Rising traffic levels are choking our towns and cities, making them unpleasant places to live and work. But the Government insists on building new roads and widening existing ones. We know that road building generates more traffic, is hugely expensive and is condemning people to car dependency.

Instead of building roads, we should be investing in low-cost, low-carbon public transport and make walking and cycling easier and more attractive so that people feel confident to leave their cars at home for shorter trips. Green transport should always be the cheapest and easiest option.

But we also have to design where we live and work to reduce the need to travel. Essential services should be well connected to public transport and new housing and developments should be easy to walk and cycle to, not dumped out of town by the ring-road.

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