We can't tackle climate change without giving up the flying habit. Aviation makes up 13% of the UK’s climate impact, because people in the UK fly more, per capita, than any other country on earth.

The coalition Government has cancelled the third runway at Heathrow. But airport expansion isn't going away just yet. Regional airports across the UK are still pushing ahead with expansion plans.

Instead of encouraging us all to fly, the Government should:

  • Tax aviation fairly. Airplane fuel is not taxed at all; there is no VAT on air travel or even new aircraft. The Treasury estimates that this subsidises the industry by a staggering £10 billion every year
  • Withdraw support for airport expansion plans and seek EU agreement for slot auctions at congested airports
  • Make rail a better alternative to flying. Rail travel should be a viable substitute for short-haul flights. But if rail is to compete, the Government must make rail fares cheaper, simpler and fairer
  • Enable businesses to reduce their flights. The Government should encourage the take-up of teleconferencing technology, and improve trains with WiFi and power sockets to make rail a more practical option for business travel

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