Reject Bexhill-Hastings link road

9 November: This week the case for the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road will be examined at a public inquiry. Here are three reasons we're working hard to get it rejected.

1. The road would destroy the Combe Haven Valley, a beautiful and treasured green space just outside Bexhill and Hastings. The valley is already designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its biodiversity and wildlife, but the road would pass straight through it. It would also increase carbon dioxide emissions.

2. East Sussex County Council has never really considered whether building a link road is the best way to improve transport on the Sussex coast. Government and regional studies have shown that what Hastings really needs is better train services, including opening a station at Glyne Gap. But if the link road goes ahead there won't be any money to improve rail or bus services for a very long time.

3. There's not enough money to pay for the road. East Sussex was supposed to raise tens of millions of pounds from developers. So far it hasn't raised a penny, so will have to find £20 million in its existing budgets to cover the shortfall. This means that other council services will suffer.

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